Apr 05

How To Choose A Outdoor Dining Sets

Outdoor dining furniture and dining sets always have a wide range of sizes and materials,but how to choose one outdoor dining sets which fit to your yard perdectly.Let’s see the consideration.

First,you have to decide where to place your outdoor dining sets before purchasing it.As for this issue,different person get the different views. For those who do not want to carry dishes so far.,the patio or porch will be favorite for them.For those who have the kids,we suggest to put the outdoor dining table and dining chairs close to the pool so that you could keep your eyes on the kids to keep their safety.

Second,you could choose the small or big sets of outdoor dining sets according to your actual needs.If you get a big family or like to grill or swim with some best friends,you shall have a eight-piece or ten-piece dining sets which works very well in this kind of party.

Third,there are several materials of outdoor furniture,such as wood,metal,natural rattan,PE rattan ect.The wood patio furniture sets is durable and nice,but it is heavier than the rattan one.The metal one is the heaviest one among them.But it last a long time and get a strongest feeling outside.The PE rattan outdoor furniture gives the most elegance and extremely resistant,especially in the moisture environment.

Apr 04

PE Rattan Sofa Sets

Comprised by 7 sofas, 1 table,1 footrest and 1 basket, the most stylish PE Rattan Outdoor Sofa Sets give the most comfort when you invite family or friends to enjoy snacks and drinks in the garden.Made from a sythentic fibre called PE rattan whose characteristic of frost, water and UV resistant,the PE rattan sofa set gives the practicality of being able to leave it out in all weathers.Just a damp cloth will clean it.The aluminium frame of this outdoor sofa sets is of rust resistant, lightweight yet sturdy,which makes it a absolutely a ideal choice for the garden,patio and porch.The outdoor coffee table and footrest get the same dimensions,which prodives the convenience of use the footrest as a table,or vise versa.The 8mm cushion and back pillow gives the most soft feeling to sit in this garden sofa sets.

Mar 28

Practical Outdoor Furniture

Generally speaking,PE Rattan furniture should choose high-grade polyethylene material which have good anticorrosion. The weight is heavy for a long time in the outdoors, such as west  Garden rattan Sofa set, a folding chair, wood tables and chairs and the sun umbrellas etc. When using in the outdoor, it  will be unnecessary to move outdoor furniture into room, so this kind of furniture is more comfortable, practical, and do not have to consider so many strong and anticorrosive performance.It also be ornamented according to the personal hobbies include some cloth art to make up.

Outdoor and indoor furniture should be somewhat refined in rough ways. When choosing the outdoor furniture,we should be meticulous. Such as small chair of mensal eat and parasols, this kind of furniture is usually made of aluminum alloy by or canvas.It is light weight, easy to carry,suitable for field trip play and fishing.And it could be better to take some outdoor equipment like tent,BBQ grill,which could add much fun to outdoor travel.

Mar 25

Outdoor Furniture History

Outdoor and garden furniture has been specifically designed and built for outdoor use. Today let’s just to find out how did outdoor furniture come to be, and what changes have been made?

In the ancient times,outdoor wicker furniture would have made of stone, either chiseled or shaped into some figure that could be sat upon, or possibly just a smooth, flat stone,or just tree stumps, wild animal skins, or boughs may have also been used.

When most of Europe was still in the Stone Age, the ancient Egyptians formed the first of the great classical civilizations. they were building palaces, studying mathematics and writing on papyrus. They were great builders and great artists, drawing the inspiration for their art from nature. The Egyptians used wood and brick for both their outdoor and indoor furniture.

As time passed by,the materials of outdoor furniture collects more and more,including natural rattan which was used to make baskets, and chairs in the acient egpyt. When the history stream came into the era of Victorian when is a long period of peace,approximately from 1837-1901,and at that time rattan was prized for its simple line style which highly fit to the history value.Heavy furniture began to replaced by the simple light one. Fashion was the word of flimsy rattan or wicker furniture as compared to the heavy one.

When time was coming into a recent one dacade,the natural material was replaced by the synthentic ones,including the PE rattan which have the nice outlook as the natural one,but much more durable than the natural one.

We are not sure what kind of outdoor furniture will future bring to us. The possibilities are always so many,maybe the more comfortable and durable outdoor furniture such as Rattan Dining Set, Outdoor Sofa etc. will be born soon.

Mar 14

How to make the PE rattan furniture live longer?

Although the outdoor rattan furniture is maintenance-free.It will still be good to do some jobs to make it live much more longer.

The best emeny of the garden rattan furniture is the dust coming into the crevices and grooves of the chairs or sofas.So it will be nice for furniture to be cleaned the surface regularly. A monthly or even weekly cleaning is the best way to protect your rattan furniture and prevent major damage. Clean with a little dishwashing detergent diluted into water. Skim the suds off the top of the water with a soft cloth and then wipe the furniture’s surface without getting the surface wet. Be sure to get into crevices and grooves with a toothbrush or other small brush to keep out the inside dust.

Mar 09

Where is outdoor patio furniture suit for?

There are so many applications for the outdoor patio furniture. For instance, the dining and bar sets can be used in open restaurants and bar. The outdoor dining chairs are ideal for the terraces. You could set up a dining place in open area where guests enjoy taking their meals under open skies. You can also use these furniture sets in the home backyard for relaxation after a long days’ work or unwinding during the weekends.

As for a family barbeque party in the backyard, the garden rattan furniture can also be used to add more convenience. One typical feature about the furniture sets is that they are made of fine materials withstanding different weather conditions such a sunlight and rain. Therefore, you do not need to worry of effects such as metal corrosion or sythentic rattan break up from such weather conditions. Furniture sets made of sythentic rattan can last for so many years since this material has great resistant to the effectscaused by weather conditions.Indeed, some of these furniture sets can be left in the open for decades.
The Outdoor Furniture such as daybed is also used in other areas such as balconies where people can relax while enjoying fresh air and sunlight. The sun lounges are also used by the poolside for the swimmers to bask on before and after swimming.In essence, the outdoor furniture sets are used in both commercial and home applications not only providing the elegance and comfort but also the fashion in your premises.


Mar 05

The Considerations When Choose Outdoor and Indoor Furniture

Brisbane Rattan Sofa Set

“Everyone can build a house but not a home.” House can be built by bricks and cement but home is made by the people and their attachment to the place they are living in. Everybody wants to live in a place, which is a perfect match to his or her taste, feelings, emotions and state of mind. These all things give an overall image of the family residing in the place and their life style and standard. Most of the families are very much conscious about selecting outdoor and indoor furniture. Commonly people prefer using wooden furniture for indoor and PE rattan, iron and sometimes wooden for outdoor. Outdoor rattan furniture is nowadays highly preferred because it is durable, stylish and affordable. Outdoor and indoor furniture has their distinctive criteria for selection depending upon the usage, placement and style. PE rattan is available for a large variety of indoor furniture, which is easily accessible through many online solution providers in which furniturerelax.com is on top. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 04

Bar Stools and Counters

Bar SetPerfect for entertaining friends and enjoying drinks and nibbles on a warm summer evening or having an alfresco morning, outdoor bar set not only enhances the look of the backyard or the outdoor dining area for a restaurant, but also makes a great addition to any setting. Made from synthetic fibre that are as diverse as the styles themselves in colors and shapes, ourdoor bar stools offer a versatile, lengthy seat that can be paired with stand-alone bar counters or with your built-in bar! Regardless of where the newest addition to your outdoor setting will be placed, bar stools will give the place around it a fresh, new look!

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